perjantai 9. syyskuuta 2011

having my own raiding guild

Long time no see, blog. and nobody is even reading this so for the funz I'm gonna write some.
Got my own raiding guild now, with only 1 ungeared person, our holy priest healer. or well 1 tank I'm not sure about.

We're gonna raid on sunday, hope it goes well and we get some bosses downed. : )

keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011

what I've been up to

been doing zandalaris, and god it's fun to have a tank with 200k health, makes healing really easy. and zandalari healing is anyway very easy. much easier than hc.s. so I've been doing zandalaris since everything else feels boring to me.

made a new guild to my priest for the extra space.

keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2011

leveling a priest is hell + my rotation

seriosly have been healing throught wotlk up to level 76, tried questing but god damn it's so slooooow, or meabe I'm doing it wrong. oon't really know.

mind blast, vampiric touch, shadow word: pain / death (sometimes death, usually pain), (the slowing thingy, something mind .... not spike or blast .... what is it name.... ah fuck it gonna go check wowhead, I mean wowwiki ... I'm really out in the woods today, sorrymind flay (it's mind flay, wohooo).
oh yeah and min sear, gotta love it, it's something like mind blast to everyone but without cd. love it.

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

A good progress in skills

I've been pvping on holy pala and gotta say that I love it, amazing aoe heals also. In heroics and such you don't see how useful they actually are since they don't heal much but they heal alot of peopels which you can see in pvp and probs in 25mans also, but raiding is not my goal atm. Heroics whit using cd's are starting to go fine for me.

Leveling a priest atm, disc / shadow, which of I'm going to respec shadow at lvl85 to holy. Level 50 has been reached started from lvl15 a few days ago, thou I'm going back to the institution now for 5days, my cousin promiced me she'll level my priest to 60 or some. I'm going to level this priest to 85 as fast as possible. 60+ is always a easy case, esp when spriesting is really good questing.

sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2011

why I have been gone

been off for a while now from blogging and gonna try remember to write now and then when I feel like it. I've moved my main nonameed to agamaggan, where my cousin and her friend plays with me. And I've quitted wow for a while when I'm in an institution, gonna start playing again when I get out, which should be soon.

I like the druid tanking nowadays, it's amazing. Pala tanking again is overpowered like always. And pala healing is pretty amazing.

torstai 4. marraskuuta 2010

updating my alt status

char, lvl - ms / os - 1st prof / 2nd prof - guild
Randed, lvl80, shaman - resto / ench - 422 mining / 450 skinn - The Slackers
Genéral, lvl60, mage - arcane / fire - 300 skinn / 140 herb - The Slackers
Nonameed, lvl85, paladin - prot / holy - 540 ench / 550 skinn - The Slackers moved to agamaggan
Huntereed, lvl74, hunter - bm / sv - 440 lw / 450 skinn - The Slackers
Nonamee, lvl80, dk - blood / frost - cwf - 450 jc / 447 tailor - The Slackers
Moneydruid, lvl85, druid - feral (dps and tank) / resto - 550 herb / 446 insc - The Slackers
Nonameds, lvl68, priest - holy /disc - 86 mining / 103 bs - The Slackers
Joynara, lvl45, warlock - demo / affli - 146 herb / 146 alch - The Slackers
Nonamer, lvl18, warrior - prot (/fury) - 60 herb / 118 skinn - The Slackers - deleted
Rogueds, lvl18, rogue - 41/5/25 subtetly (/assasination) - 71 engi / 62 mining - deleted
Druudw, lvl40 druid - feral / bala - engi / mining - The Slackers
Holypowah, lvl30 pala - retri / prot - herb / skinn - The Slackers

lvl85: 2x
lvl80+: 4x (2x 80)
lvl70+: 5x (1x 70)
lvl60+: 6x (2x 60)
lvl50+: 7x (0x 50)
lvl40+: 9x (2x 40 )
lvl30+: 10x (1x 30)

torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010

tought about cataclysm comming, good or bad in raiding

I do hate the healing changes, it's like they wanted us to go oom 24/7, but on other hand the guild things are kind of awesome (looking at it as a guild leader).

Got my own raiding guild now, probs progressing on 4/12 so it's rot + fester time but well we're just not going good since missing on ts3 atm. 10man 4/12, 25 0/12 just haven't gotten the whole team to come online. wowprogress altought says 8/12 + 10/12 on 10man and on 25man 4/12. we would progress just fine if the ts3 would come back online.

while downloading patch (which is one 58% on 1st stage) I've read quite awsome guild leading guides, that will affect my guild leading but not radically. + read some what the game is now like (slow download for me, no I mean VERY slow, 24h downloading and still on 1st stage).

need to start worry how to get our raiders ready for cata (while we even are struggling on icc), but if I succeed preparing our raiders, it will make us tighter as a team and get a chance to down bosses on 1st shot which will be a brand new experience without any expections.

very excited to get playing this patch since it has changed many thing as I've heard.